Saturday, August 04, 2007

Devil’s Last Dance

It was late. The party was in a lull, perhaps winding down, perhaps not. Everyone was relaxed and sexual. Juno and Henry were on one couch. Just from looking at them it was unclear if they had just had sex or were about to. It didn't really matter as it might be both. Suze, Spitfire, Evilious, and Bella were in a tangled, naked heap on one on the beds. They were like a nest of very sexy snakes. They were half-asleep, yet they kept moving all over each other- kissing, touching, caressing. Lestat, wearing nothing more than a pair of jeans, was leaning against the bar drinking a margarita. Karl, in his kilt, was reclined on another couch. He had a single malt scotch in his hand.

Devil was about as wild and sexual as she ever was. She was buzzed too. She had just had a Red Bull and vodka. Who knows how much she'd had before. She was dancing, wild, and sensual. Somewhere in the evening she had put clothes on again. Nothing more than a sheer black dress. It was deep cut in the front and barely over her ass. She was dancing alone, but she was dancing for both of the men. Moving close to Lestat, then close to Karl. It was a back and forth dance between the two of them. She was sexual and seductive. She was playing the game that she really played best, especially when she didn't really think of it as a game. The sheer joy and pleasure of turning men on, and the joy of her own sexuality. In her current state, she wasn't really thinking, but knew that she wanted the pleasant touch of a man's hands on her. She wanted both of these men to want her, what happened after that would just happen. She knew they were watching her, and she teased them. She lifted up her dress as she danced. She played with her breasts. She watched their eyes as she moved between them- dancing first in front of one, then the other. They weren't that far apart so it wasn't that hard.

All at once, she pulled off her dress. Naked she walked outside onto the patio. She looked backward over her shoulder first at Lestat, then longer at Karl. Both men felt her heat. She walked outside knowing they would follow. She swayed to music only she could hear. Lestat showed up at the door first. He leaned against the door frame. She smiled at him. The gestured at the cushions that were on the chairs. "You want to fuck me out here? We need at least two of those on the ground to make a bed."

He just watched her sensual dance. "She's wound up," he thought.

He couldn't decide if he should bow to her wishes for cushions, or push her against the floor as it was. Devil pouted and leaned over one of the lawn chairs. She had her ass up in the air, moving slowly. Somehow she was still dancing as she was actually starting to pull the cushion to the floor. It was a sight to see. There was one mattress on the floor and she had moved to another chair when Karl came out. Devil glanced up at him, her eyes twinkled, and she grinned. Then she walked over to Lestat. Her arms went up and around his neck. She kissed him and looked back at Karl with a look that clearly said, "Come here. I want you to." He did- moving his hands up and down her hips and ass. She leaned back into him, and wrapped her leg around Lestat. They knew that it would be all three of them. Outside. She didn't give a damn if anyone else saw either. Perhaps she wanted them to.

Devil turned to face Karl. She kissed him long and deep. Then dropped down to suck his nipples- alternating between the two of them. They were pierced, and she loved the feel of the metal rolling in her mouth as she pulled. One hand was reaching behind to caress Lestat and pull him closer. She dropped lower and put her hand under his kilt. She felt his cock, and wanted more of it. She stayed close to Lestat, but wrapped her hand around Karl's balls and pulled them. Harder till he wrapped his hand in her hair and pulled her away. She knew that she would do that again. She was on her knees now. She took his kilt off and dropped it to the ground. Kissed the end of his cock, and turned to Lestat. His jeans needed to come off next.

With both men standing naked and her in between she was able to reach both of their cocks. She took turns sucking on them until she gagged while holding onto the other man. Then she would switch. But she wasn't on the cushion that she'd tried to set up. After a few minutes, she stood up and walked away. "Where are you going?" but she just smiled. She grabbed the second cushion and pulled it near the first. She knew that someone would fix it. Then she knelt on the first with her legs spread. She started to massage her breasts and her body. Her fingers played with her pussy and she sucked the sweet juices. Lestat came to her first. Standing over her, she sucked his cock again. She let her nails drag down his ass. Karl came up and spanked her ass. Three times hard and close together. She gasped and whispered more as she held Lestat. He hit her again harder, but then started to lay down behind her. He was mellow this late at night. She went after him. She was practically under him. It was a great position to pull on his nipple jewelry with one hand and to suck his cock. As she sucked his cock, she looked towards Lestat and reached out her hand. She wanted to pull him to her. She realized that he could fuck her in the position that she was in and she wanted that- to suck on Karl's cock and fuck Lestat. He got the idea. Somehow he ended up in the position where she could watch his eyes from between Karl's legs. It was so hot. They all came at about the same time. Devil was still sucking on Karl while being fucked by Lestat. She could see both of their eyes depending on if she looked straight or upward.

They collapsed for a bit, holding each other, Devil in the middle. Then Lestat stood and offered his hand to Devil. She in turn would not leave without Karl. Inside it looked like most people were asleep. They were ready to collapse as well. They found one of the beds and lay down. Devil was done dancing for this night. There was always the morning though.


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