Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Devil's Pajama Party

The hotel
Our own rooms.
But we met in the suite.
Luxury suite.

Long coats hiding the clothes we wore.
Only two men were invited.
Those that live here.
Jobs they had.
Lestat- The photographer. The writer.
To tell the tale later.
KarlElvis- Doorman, Bouncer, Peacekeeper if needed, Bartender, and Designated Spanker...

The guests-
Padme- wore a red thong... Nothing more.
Bella- Blue pajamas- from Fredericks.
Evilious - Black Leather corset.
Spitfire - Pink lace. See through.
Devil - Black and red teddy. The red were sequins. Formed a collar too. And boots.

What they brought-
Padme - spanking toys
Bella- feathers
Evilious - a whip
Spitfire - handcuffs
Devil - Silk ties and a blindfold

Oh you know that Karl and Lestat wanted to play...

Music played.
Devil danced.
Spitfire joined her.
Hands on each other.
Evilious cracked her whip.
Smiling her wicked grin.

Hey Padme-
What does Master think about the party?
Doesn't he want to come?
He doesn't know...
Oh Bad, Bad girl.
You need a spanking...
More than one she said.
I need them all night.

Bella crawled under the desk.
Evilious said I get this one!
She said at the desk.
Padme leaned over.
Spitfire counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...
And Bella's hands went up Padme's legs..
Pushing them wider apart.

These ladies need a drink.
I want to watch more than this.
Lestat's camera never stopped.
He was crawling on the floor.

Oh wait.
Evilious hit him with her whip!
So he turned and took pictures of her.
She loved it.
A model. Touching her self to the music.
For him. Bella is watching too.
Left her husband behind to come!
Ladies party..
The girl is wild.

Karl left Padme a drink on the desk.
Her spanking was over-
but she pretended it wasn't.
Bella still under the desk...
(What comes after the dot dot dot?)

How was he going to give Bella a drink?
Eyes peering between wide legs.
A red thong.
Oh hell- he just knelt down and handed the drink
through the lovely arch.
Couldn't resist letting his hands touch as he stood.
Click. Click. Click.
I need another spanking! She whined.
No problem...
Karl was ready for that!

Spitfire and Devil were dancing?
Well still in the center of the room...
Moving to music.
Moving to each other's music too!
Evilious was circling them.
Her hands all over them.
As theirs played with her as well.
She went to the floor.
Took Devil's boots off.

Hey! We never got a drink!
Devil's being a brat.
Karl's eyebrows went up.
Used to controling the women.
Evil was crawling on the floor.
Towards Bella. Between Padme.
Around Lestat.
Click. Click. Click.
Around Spitfire.
A beatiful cat. Long blond hair.
She couldn't decide where to pounce.
She wanted it all. She could have it tonight.

Karl brought a drink for Spitfire.
He spilled Devil's on her.
Spitfire grinned. The clothes come off!
So that you can get properly cleaned up.
The sound of velcro...
Was that a video camera?

Devil's fire flashed.
I wanted my drink!
Evilious grabbed her ankle.
Spitfire said, but I want my twin!
I want her in my handcuffs.
Powerless. Like she wants to be.
A struggle. A fight that wasn't real.
Avoiding the bed-
for the physical contact.
The nails on skin.
Devil fights.
A struggle from within.
A smile on her face.
Damned Gemini.

Lestat! Karl! Help.
Get her down on the bed.
Evilious is in the way.
Is she helping Devil or Spitfire?
Devil hold her. Two to move.
She is a wild cat. Always there.

Lestat pins Evilious.
And she looks up at him with a smile.
Karl struggles with Devil.

Padme walks over.
Spank the Devil.
She needs it.
Bella joins her.
When did they lose their clothes?

Yes. Devil gets a spanking.
Not as willing as Padme.
She'll have bruises from the struggle.
Lestat can't take pictures here.
Holding Evilious.
But she's all over him.
Spitfire says stop when Devil slows.
Moves to kisses.

Handcuff them together.
Evilious and Devil.
For awhile.
It's done.
But all the women are on the bed...
The men not far away.

What happens next at Blue's Pajama party?
There was still a blindfold-
and silk ties that were never used...
A night to spend.

(None of the characteracters in this story had any real knowledge of what I was upto. Devil's causing trouble her way. They may or may not be true to form. I take full responsiblity. It's nothing more than fiction! Enjoy it at that level. It started from comments on another post. Click their icons to get to their sites. "What comes after the ...")

( BW Artwork Tenderness by Valerian70)

(Artwork - top; Becca II by nhirschberger)


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