Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pajama Party Images -- Part One

[This is part one of a series of images and personal memories from the infamous adult blogger pajama party. It was first published here.]

When we arrived the first thing that struck me was "well at least she has some style". Here is a shot of the hotel lobby just off the registration desk.


Our rooms were not quite ready but I didn't have much trouble letting myself in anyway. I wanted to get at least one shot before anyone else had "decorated". So this is the before shot of the pajama party luxury suite:

Having finished my initial photographical responsibilities, I stopped by the hotel bar to wait for our room. The bar was nicely dark even in mid-afternoon. The walls mahogany. Candles burning. I relaxed, perhaps too much, at the bar. It seemed smoky - strange since cigarettes were not allowed. Almost I thought I heard distant cathedral bells. My slow brain was just processing what that could mean when I felt a mysterious touch on my shoulder and a warm breath on my neck.

"Monsieur de Lioncourt, with his back to the door." A soft female voice said inches from my ear.

I didn't move. I recognized the voice. A warm chill spread up my back, split in two, and splintered to my ear and my loins. Then I felt her lips right on my ear.

"What a rare find. A pleasure indeed." I felt her teeth on my ear lobe. Almost, but not quite, drawing blood.

Still not moving any other part of my body, I ran one hand up her back, across the soft, thin fabric of her dress until I found her hair. Methodically I circled my fingers to tangle them deeply in her hair.

Then, just before she drew blood I pulled down and drew her head back. She did not resist. Her neck was exposed as I turned to her. For the first time I could see her low cut dress - a beautiful smoky burgandy. I stopped millimeters over her neck.

"The pleasure is all mine," I said. "But what brings you here? I didn't see your name on the guest list."

"A last minute addition," said a new voice I recognized to be Devil's. "Now, if you'll please unhand my guest I believe our rooms are ready. I'm sure she would like to get ready for the party."

I took one last look at the flush on her cheek spreading wondrously down to her neck. Then I slowly untangled my fingers and let her go.

"For now," I said.

Like Devil said, none of the characters in this story knew what I was up to here. It's fiction.


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