Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pajama Party Images -- Part Three

[This is part three of a series of images and personal memories from the infamous adult blogger pajama party. This part was originally published here.]

Bella was under the desk. Padme leaning over it. A drink in her hand. Evilicious had the handcuffs. I could see her in the bedroom with Devil and Spitfire. I could not make out the words, but it looked like some nefarious plan was being hatched.

And Devil was dancing. Her slow sweat Tango magic that melts women and enslaves men.

There was a knock at the door. Not a soft "may I please come in" knock. Nor an overbearing "open this door or I'll blast it down" knock. This was an almost seductive "come and get me if you dare" knock.

Karl opened the door. Suze came in first. As she took off her outer jacket I couldn't resist snapping a picture:

"Hey!" she said. She stepped up to me and I thought I was going to be slapped! But somehow instead her hand went to the side of my face and up into my hair. I turned down toward her and ended up in a brief, but mind-blowing, french kiss.

I was just recovering my shattered equilibrium when Lorelei walked in. We had met earlier at the bar, but she still had the same effect she always does on me. Distant bells and that spinning dizziness in my head. I knew she was a bit camera shy but I managed to get one shot just before she pushed back the hood of her jacket:

When she pushed back the hood, the sharpness of her eyes once again caught my gaze. I could not seem to make out their color. One moment they seemed sea blue and the next black as night. I heard the cry of the gulls and felt the cold spray over a deep river current. I shook my head to clear it and, with difficulty, pulled my thoughts away.

"Good evening sweet Prince," She said.
"Good evening Lorelei my friend," I replied.
"Do I not get a greeting too?" she almost pouted.

I knew what she was capable of, but still I didn't hesitate. Foolish perhaps.

I kissed her. Suddenly the room was gone and I was swirled in sea mist. We were on the rocks by a river that had run for centuries. I could feel the long, slow weight of those years, and the ebb and flow of the river currents and the tide. The mollusks, sea gulls, terns, and the waving fronds of sea grass.

As my body responded to her kiss I put forth my power. Added images of the mountains and the bright night time sky. Deep places under ground where there is no light. Sleeping there and coming out at night to fly between the stars. Lorelei's sea mist flowed like water among the mountains. Condensed like dew on the trees, and flowed back down to the river.

Our kiss ended, and with startling suddenness I was back in the hotel room. I took Lorelei's cloak and noted with appreciation the complex knot work on the fitted black bodice she wore underneath. Wanting to run my hands over and between those knots and the curves underneath.

But there was a commotion in the bedroom, and someone was calling my name. Something about holding Evilicious down while she was handcuffed. I touched Lorelei's hand, and my camera and I headed to the bedroom.

Like Devil said, none of the characters in this story knew what I was up to here. It's fiction.


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