Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pajama Party Images -- Part Two

[This is part two of a series of images and personal memories from the infamous adult blogger pajama party. Part one can be found here. This part was first published here]

I got to the suite before most of the women. Gave me a chance to catch Karl in front of the bar while there was still a full set of bottles:

Spitfire was also there early. I was having trouble forming a coherent sentence around her. I think that had something to do with her outfit. All I can say is "Oh my god." We snagged a couple of Margaritas and I did manage to convince her to pose for me on the bed:

Nice eh? She was playing with a wicked looking pair of handcuffs. I decided they would look great on her. She didn't completely agree but it was fun trying...

But then more guests arrived and my photographical duty called. I got one particularly nice close-up of Devil:

Then there were drinks all around and the party really got rolling. And then there were some very interesting surprise guests (especially for me). But that will have to wait until next time.

Like Devil said, none of the characters in this story knew what I was up to here. It's fiction.


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