Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pajama Party Images -- Part Five

[This is part five of a series of images and personal memories from the infamous adult blogger pajama party. A number of stories have been written about this event. The lot them are collected here.]

When I found my way back to the main room, Padme's clothes had been removed and she was kneeling in front of the desk. Bella was nowhere to be found, but Karl was moving purposefully toward the bathroom so I could guess where she had gone.

Lorelei was circling Padme, a leather crop in her hand. Padme was as still as the night. I took the opportunity to capture the scene on film:

Lorelei's top was thin and close fitting. It appeared to be made of an amazingly intricate collection of interlaced knots - almost like the Neiman Marcus version of a fishing net. As she moved it shifted in complex suggestive patterns that dazzled the eye. I could never quite figure out where the patterns started or ended - much less how to untie any of the knots. Her skirt was black and short. As she walked it flirted with, but never quite revealed, her ass or the small mound of black hair I knew to be under it. Her black leather boots came up almost to her knees. As usual, a sea mist that was felt more than seen surrounded and followed in her wake.

She was much shorter than me, and not that much taller than Padme kneeling at the desk, but she projected such power and dominance that Padme followed her every move with downcast eyes. I could not look away.

After three passes she spanked Padme. Once, twice, three times. The sound of the leather pierced the music and turned heads across the room and into the bedroom. Padme barely made a sound. When she did she was silenced immediately by a look from Lorelei.

Lorelei stepped back and motioned to Padme. Padme crawled over and came to kneel in front of her.

"What would you like mistress?" she asked.

Lorelei motioned to the knots on her top and Padme reached up to undo them. I marveled as the complex interplay of rope and knots resolved and stabilized itself, allowing Padme to untie first one and then another knot. After about a dozen knots Lorelei said "Enough!".

Padme sat back and Lorelei motioned to her to return to here place at the desk.

As Padme crawled back to the desk, Lorelei resumed her slow circling. Her top now opened to well below the level of her breasts. The complex material now revealed the shape of each breast, but still managed to just conceal her nipples. I was captivated.

Almost too literally. As I watched Lorelei circle Padme, I suddenly realized that her eyes were no longer focused on her sub. Just as suddenly I felt her will closing around my mind. I felt a hardness stirring at her command, and my eyes were drawn to her. To further confuse my senses, she chose this moment to lean over and reveal, to me only, the amazing sight of her full left breast.

I caught my breath and wondered at the strength and subtlety of her spell. But I have lived far too long to be caught so easily. And she knew it - she was playing with me. I focused inwardly for a second and then, over the channel she had created, I pushed images of the dark, still, erotic night. Images of us kissing on a moonless night under the stars. Images of my breath and then my teeth on her neck. Of my hands ripping off the remainders of her knotted top.

She smiled at me and I knew suddenly that I was playing exactly the part she had written for me. To each of my images she added her own elements. The kisses were now by the sea shore and the roar of the ocean passed over us as she nibbled on my lower lip. As my teeth passed over her neck, her fingernails passed down my back to my ass. Not drawing blood but leaving streaks as red as blood. As I removed her top it morphed in my hands into a sheath of knots that bound my wrists together so tightly that my fingers could hardly move. Simultaneously she locked my feet to the ground. I was left with the tantalizing sight of her bare breasts and no way to move any closer to touch them.

I held that moment for as long as I could stand it. Enjoying the juxtaposition of her nakedness, her closeness, and her unreachability. Then by force of will I shook off the vision and was back in the hotel room. Staring directly into Lorelei's mysterious color-defying eyes. Padme had not moved. It seemed the entire exchange had taken no more than a few seconds.

For no reason I could define, the desire to take off her top was suddenly overpowering. Thinking back, and knowing what a trouble-maker she is, I'm now convinced that that was her aim from the beginning. With no clear plan, I stepped toward her and placed a hand strongly on her shoulder. She did not resist as I brought my other hand up to began to undo her remaining knots.

And stopped short. The complexity of the knots had increased ten-fold. They folded and turned across her breasts in mind-blowing patterns. I could barely grab even one rope -- much less undo any of the knots.

"Kneel," she said. "If you want to play, you will play by my rules."

I knelt. The wise man knows when to kneel. She put her lips millimeters from my ear.

"You may be able to get them open," she whispered. "But only slowly and only with your teeth."

Still on my knees, I used my teeth to untie her knots one by one. I found that I had to use my lips, tongue and teeth together in intricate movements that were somehow instinctive - or were being fed into my overloaded brain. My knees hurt. My tongue felt like it was being rubbed raw. My lips were on fire. But I could not stop. Desire fought with pain fought with determination. But at a deeper level it was the amusement of the game we were playing together that kept me going. That and the incredible nearness and warmth of her breasts.

I lost all consciousness of the party around us. I was focused completely on the knots. Grab, twist, loop tongue, teeth, untwist. Grab, twist, ... Finally, when my world seemed to have resolved to nothing but endless rope over luscious flesh, I undid the last knot.

The top fell away. Instinct took over and my hands moved up to her breasts. In my weakened state she easily evaded me and backed up a step. The music of the party returned and she began to dance slowly in time to it. Her bare breasts holding my rapt gaze. I honestly believe that if, at this point, she had used the spell she had tried earlier I would have been her slave. But fortunately she was deeply into the music, and the sexual tension was beginning to effect her as much as it was me.

I could sense her arousal in my blood. Could feel her wetness. Could see her sexuality pervading and building in her dance. All eyes were drawn to her as the sea mist played across her body. Oh my god, I thought. This is going to be an amazing night...

Like Devil said, none of the characters in this story knew what I was up to here. It's fiction.


Blogger DevilBlueDress said...

I could have sworn that the men were invited to the Ladies Night Pajama party to work! Not untie knots with their teeth!

Hot damn.

Really nice story, Lestat!

10:59 PM  
Blogger Lestat said...

Hey, have you ever tried to untie knots with your teeth?

Really glad you liked the story. I always try to please my hostess.

11:04 PM  
Blogger bella said...

If you want to play, you will play by my rules.

I love this line. And yeah, Devil is right. Really nice story.


4:07 AM  
Blogger padme said...

I *love* that picture. :) *big smiles* I love that blog post too. Very erotic. I've always wanted a Mistress but had terrible luck in finding one. Very hot blog post and pic, lestat...

12:57 PM  

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