Thursday, October 19, 2006

Juno and Henry join the PJ Party

Before we begin... please note: Events as I remember them went slightly differently to how the Devil describes them, and my memory of the timing involved is kinda hazy. Well, there was a very large quantity of alcohol consumed, and le petit mort always befuddles me a little. Plus, it's poetic license. Sue me.

Ten minutes earlier, in the next room...

"Henry, can you hear that music coming from the next door suite?"

"I'm not deaf, you cheeky so-and-so. Of course I can. Why?"

"I think it's a party. And a fun party at that. Wanna go see?"

"Juno, that's unbelievably brazen. Wait, what are you doing -- where are you going?"

"I'm listening through the adjoining door. Damn, it sounds like a fun time in there. Not that I'm not having fun in here, but wouldn't you be up for a little hotwifery tonight from me? Hmm?"

[Fumble, stumble, crash, thud, thunk, zip. Cough. Light switch on.]

"Grab that bottle of Merlot. I'm dressed, let's go."


I stood next to Henry in the corridor, as he knocked loudly on the door of the suite next to ours. The door was opened onto what was clearly a fantastic party in full swing, by a very lovely tall man who looked me straight in the eye and smiled. "Yes?"

"Hi," I said. "I'm Juno, and this is Henry. You guys sound like you're having a lot of fun in here." I proffered the Merlot, which he took gladly.

I smiled at his enthusiasm, and continued. "We have more of that in our room, next door. We were hoping that we could join you... perhaps open the doors between the rooms. What do you think? May we come in?"

The lovely tall man nodded graciously, and indicated with a wide circling arm movement that we were more than welcome. "I'm Lestat", he said. "Lovely to meet you Henry... and, as he took my hand, and looked deep into my eyes, "Juno, it's especially lovely to have you here."

"It's lovely to be here, Lestat. Could we sit down, and... talk for a while?"

He nodded and moved away, pulling me with him. Without letting go, I brought Henry's face to mine for a long, slow, passionate kiss.

"Have I told you how much I love you recently?"

A mock-pained expression crossed his face.

"Not in the last hour."

"Well, I do, baby. So very much. You know it. And now I'm going to show you."

Releasing Henry, but indicating that he should follow us, I let Lestat pull me over to a nearby couch and sit me down next to him. The look in his eye intrigued me, and I knew that anything was possible. Henry took a seat a short distance away, and settled in to watch as I did what it was that he loved me to do -- be his hotwife. Cuck him, and cuck him good.

Naturally, Henry is always delighted when I take up with another man. Especially when it's in front of him -- it cuts down on the details I have to mentally note while misbehaving. Tonight, however, I wanted him to not only be the voyeur and subsequent reclaimant that he loves to be; but also to have some fun on his own. I could see that the other women at the party, to whom I would be introduced later in the evening, were engaged in their own entertainment, and being regarded with great interest by another man - tall, burly, very sexy and wearing... oh my lord, was that a kilt? How utterly sexy.

Henry had noticed him; I knew it. Henry has never been one to let a good looking man go unnoticed. Especially one with such ready access.

I idly wondered if he'd be interested in Henry's attention, and then watched in amazement as he sauntered across the room, and sat next to Henry. It was as if he could read my mind.

Lestat and I began to murmur to each other; nonsensical introductory intimacies. His eyes never left mine. I felt a frisson of excitement run down my spine, and reached up to run my fingers through his hair. Bringing my lips close to his ear, I whispered how attractive I found him. He murmured that it was mutual, and slowly reached beneath the draping fold of my shirt to start playing with my breast.

"Who's the guy?" I asked him.

"Guy? What guy?" he said, as he began to tweak my nipple. I gasped with pleasure, feeling my cunt begin to glisten. I don't know what it is about nipple-tweaking -- it might as well be a hotline to my clit.
"The... um... god, I can't think straight... the guy talking to my... um... lover. Henry. Oh god, that's good."

Both hands were on me now, one working my nipples, the other stroking the inside of my thigh. I felt myself grow I returned the compliment, stroking my hands across his thighs to idly trace his cock.

Lestat seemed to enjoy this, despite not stopping to acknowledge it.

"That's Karl. They seem to be hitting it off quite well. Does that bother you at all?"

I shook my head vehemently, as his hands slid down and between my thighs. I knew that very soon I would become incapable of speech.

[Note: Henry is more than familiar with this state of affairs, and abuses it regularly to inform me of situations on which he'd rather not hear my opinion at the time.]

"No, I'm delighted. I hope Karl is amenable if Henry wants to suck his cock."

Lestat smiled at me, and buried his face in my neck as his hands began to open and explore me. I shifted on the couch, so that one leg was thrown over the back, and the other touched the floor. I could feel Lestat's hands probing inside me, gently but firmly exploring my swollen labia, as his body nestled against mine and he breathed sexily into my ear.

"Karl is amenable to more or less anything. I'm sure they'll both have a wonderful time," he growled into my neck.

"Oh... yes..." I faltered, practically incoherent. His fingers knew exactly where to go, and were having the desired effect.

My hands were on his cock and balls, applying gentle pressure, and caressing him. I didn't have much wiggle-room, but somehow I managed to slip a hand between his thighs and exert gentle pressure on his perineum. As I did, it was his turn to exhale sharply, which he tempered by kissing me for the first time. Sensing that I was restricted, he shifted his torso so that I could move my hands slightly more freely. Making an "O" out of my thumb and forefinger, I encircled his cock, and began to stroke it up and down. Slowly. Deliberately. Extending my middle finger and allowing my nail to graze a line along his shaft.

I might be incoherent in speech but there are certain things that aren't affected by this condition. Evidence of which I could now hear, as he murmured appreciatively into my neck.

He made no attempt to remove my shirt, and I had no free hands. So I remained clothed -- such as I was, if you can call an off-the-shoulder long black tee-shirt, and a seductive smile "clothed".

I could feel him growing harder and yet harder in my hand, his balls becoming hotter and tighter to the touch, although they hadn't risen yet. If I turned my head slightly, I could see Henry very close to Karl on another couch, his hand moving noticeably beneath the kilt. Karl was lying back, his eyes closed, a look of rapture on his face. I watched as Henry got down on his knees and lifted the leather to take Karl's rampant cock in his mouth.

I smiled. Within the throes of my imminent orgasm, I could see that my love was occupied with a cock in his mouth, which enabled me to fully relax into the situation between myself and Lestat.

He bucked against me as my hand intensified its grip and its speed. I felt my mind begin to melt. His face was still pressed into my neck, nipping and nibbling at me as I further increased the friction. I wanted to taste him, suck him, swallow him down my throat -- but selfishly I couldn't bear to lose the earth-shattering orgasm that was about to hit me.

"I want ... to... taste you..." I managed to gasp.

Lestat raised his head and smiled at me. "Don't worry, I'm holding on until.. you--"

"Oh yes, yes! There! Right there! Yes... ohhhhhhh god... oh......"

I came. Wave upon wave of glorious living color, spinning me into a spiral of delight. I caught my breath, and found that momentarily my hands had frozen in place, not ceasing contact, but temporarily motionless.

As I caught my breath, I slowly opened my eyes to find Lestat looking at me.

"Don't stop," he breathed.

Hastily composing myself, I shifted positions until my head was level with his lap, and, without removing my hand, took his balls in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around them, tasting them, feeling them go from soft and pliable to hard and throbbing in what seemed like seconds.

Replacing my mouth with my hand, and massaging them within my palm, I moved my mouth to his cock. I took his cockhead in my mouth, my teeth at the rim, grazing the edge tantalizingly, hearing his loud moan of appreciation as he lay back across the couch, allowing me full access to him.

His hips thrust up, forcing his cock as far down my throat as I could take it. I bit his shaft -- firmly enough that he felt it, but not so hard as to hurt him. I knew he'd enjoy it, and sure enough, I heard the appreciative sigh he continued to fuck my face.

I knew he was close to coming, and I found that as he pumped, I had a bird's eye view of Henry as he mirrored my actions, but with Karl -- who was also expressing his appreciation of Henry's efforts. It made me so happy to see my bisexual lover indulge in the sort of expression that had been denied him for so long in his former life -- the life in which he had existed before we'd met each other and fallen in love.

Lestat groaned loudly.

"Oh... god! Juno.... yes! God you fucking fabulous little cocksucker! Yes... uh! Oh! Ohhhhhh...!"

He gushed streams of come down my throat, and I almost struggled to swallow. Out of the corner of my mind I could hear Karl's enthusiastically similar shouts of excitement as he came into my darling lover's mouth.

I raised myself from my position at Lestat's lap, to lying sprawled next to him on the couch. We lay next to each other, speechless and panting.

"That was fun," I said to him.

"Yes it was!" he agreed, smiling at me.

He had a killer smile. I returned it.

"For such a short acquaintance, that was something pretty incredible," I continued, as I caught my breath.

I felt someone collapse onto the couch next to me, and put their head on my shoulder. Henry.

"Hello my darling. Did you have fun with Karl?"

"Mmmm..." said Henry. "And I think he enjoyed it too -- look."

Lestat and I limply raised our heads and looked across to where Karl was sprawled across the couch, seemingly comatose.

"He's supposed to be the bouncer," said Lestat, "Not to mention 'Designated Spanker'. Padme will be furious if he's out for the count. Not to mention Devil. Henry, what did you do to him?"

"Nothing he didn't want, " answered Henry smoothly. Hoisting himself up, he reached for the Merlot bottle, and poured some into a glass from a nearby table. He wandered over to Karl, and waved it under his nose.

Karl opened his eyes at the smell of the alcohol. "Ugh. Wine? Bleugh. Where's my scotch?"

"There you go," said Henry. "Mission accomplished."

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Devil was a Poor Hostess...

There was a knock at the door. Loud. Commanding. Lestat was near and went to open it. He figured that anyone knocking at this door could only be interesting. It was Juno and Henry. “Hello.” She said. “We were next door. We heard the music. We brought some wine. There is more in our rooms next door. I was hoping that we could join you. Perhaps open the doors between the rooms. May we come in?” Under Juno’s coat, she appeared to be wearing nothing but an oversized black t-shirt. It was clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra at any rate. Henry was wearing tight fitting blue jeans and an even tighter white t-shirt. They looked good together. Both were smiling.

“Certainly. My name is Lestat. Let me introduce you to our hostess, Devil. Please come in.” He turned to look around for the room for Devil as Juno and Henry walked in. He didn’t see her immediately. He looked more closely. The party was pretty wild at this point, people mixing- some women dancing. Spitfire and Devil were missing. Hmmm. “Excuse me, make yourself comfortable. Our hostess is missing for the moment.” Let me get you a drink” Lestat moved towards the bar with Juno and Henry. He introduced them to Evilious and Padme. “Karl, can we get some drinks for our new guests. Devil and Spitfire aren’t here at the moment.” He gave Karl a look indicating that he had no clue where they’d gone. “I’ll take care of it,” Karl said.

Karl had a feeling that Devil and Spitfire hadn’t gone far. They weren’t wearing clothes that would allow them to travel the hotel without running into trouble. “Damned women” he muttered. He knew that Juno was on one side of the hotel suite so he went the other direction. The door to the room next door was cracked open. He could hear music playing. A smile crossed his face. This was something he wanted to see.

He opened the door, and slipped quietly inside. Yes. They were there. Playing. They did not notice him as he quietly closed the door behind him. He watched them. They were so hot. Involved with each other. They never noticed him. He waited until they both collapsed on the bed. Holding each other in their arms.

“That was hot. Very nice. I’m here to bring you back. Now. There is no rest for the wicked, and you are so excellently wicked. Let’s go. Get dressed. Something. Doesn’t need to be much.” Damn he was hard. Wanted to take them both right now. He had been gone long enough though. They would pay later for this. Spitfire smiled. “I’ve had you to myself. Let’s go back and see what else is going on.” Devil pulled on a robe. See through. Nothing more.

They returned through the connecting suite doors. As they walked back into the main party, Karl held the door open for the women. Devil looked at him with mischief in her eyes. The “I knew you would bring us back, and open the door for me” type of look. Karl grabbed Devil’s arm and told her that she was not taking good care of her guests or her party. “Oh, I think that they are having fun,” and she reached up and dragged her nails across his tattoos on his arms. Tossing her hair and looking up at him. “Did you even know that you had new guests?” Challenge and fire in her eyes- as usual. She would do as she wanted. Oh but Karl liked the challenge- he was strong as well. Stronger than this little Devil, and he’d been watching too many woman play this night. Especially this woman. Recently. The memory still in his mind, and his body.

He never reacted as her nails scratched down his arm. Never moved. She was playing with him. Trying to get him to let her go, but he’d decided that he was going to play a different game. One that she would never admit to. He reached out with his other hand and grasped her chin. Controlling. Turned her head to look at him in the eyes. “On your knees. Now.” She smiled and raised her eyebrows, but she didn’t move. He knew that she wasn’t going to. He knew that she wanted a fight, a struggle. Too proud. Too strong. But she wanted someone stronger as well. He knew what she read. What she liked. He was amused that he could predict her so well. He wondered if he knew that she was so easy to read- her with her games.

With one move- he twisted her arm behind her back. With his other hand, the one that had been holding her chin, he wrapped it her hair and pulled. Hard. Her head went back. She gasped. He repeated himself. “On your knees. Now.” She looked at him with defiance, but he had control of her at the moment. She knelt. When she was on her knees in front of him, he let go of her hair and arm. “You’ve been bad tonight. Neglectful. Disappearing. How are you going to make it up? How are you going to fix things?”

She laughed at him. Her chin down, head cocked, looked up at him. “And who put you in charge? I didn’t” He wrapped his fingers in her hair again, pulled her head back so that she was looking back, and leaned down and kissed her. He had complete control. Her head was held by his grasp, she had to work to maintain her balance. A long, forceful kiss. What he wanted. Irrelevant if she wanted it or not. There was an intake of breathe from somewhere else in the room. Someone watching liked what they saw. “I did,” he answered her. He liked that someone was watching them.

Her chest was heaving as she tried to slow her breathing. She glared at him. She was not naturally one to give in so easily. There were other people in her life. People she cared deeply about. She decided she was getting up. Karl put his hand on her shoulder. “No. You will stay there.” No. She wasn’t. She was going to enjoy her party. Her way. One kiss was enough. Nice, but enough. She continued to get up. Moved away from Karl’s hand.

Before she quite knew exactly what had happened she was pinned against his body, her robe partially off her shoulders across her back, her hands held behind her back in Karl’s hands and unable to move. What’s more- she could feel how hard he was. Held tight next to him. Those that watched her could see her close her eyes and slowly tilt her head back. There was a soft gasp. She could only partially deny that he was exciting her as well. But she might try… She would for awhile. The struggle both true and an illusion.

He pulled the robe tie loose. Still using he body to hold her close, he tied her hands behind her back. With her own robe tie! The robe loose around her. (After all- she was only wearing it to return back to this particular hotel suite…)

Karl was going to have this Devil tonight. His way. But first, he would make her submit to his will. Make her scream if necessary. Something in him told her that she wanted it. Maybe even needed it. She had always been loved and treated well. It was her party. He would give her what she wanted, but couldn’t admit. The rules of society, of life. He would never really hurt her, but he would challenge her. Watch her eyes. Watch her body. See how she reacted. She caved to him too easily earlier- when he only pulled her hair. Of course, that was in all of her stories, so he knew that was something that she liked.

He leaned close to her and whispered, “Tell me what you want. What you really want.” “Not you” she answered. Almost hissed. He didn’t believe her. She was fighting for the fun of it. Still whispering, so that nobody else heard. “You’re wet. Am I right?” He still held her in his arms, their bodies touching. A soft, “Yes.”

He ran his hand across her cheek, then down to her breast. “Then you’ll tell me if you want me to stop. Anything. Or I walk away right now, and you can find someone else to untie you. Will you tell me if you want me to stop?” He started to roll her nipple between his fingers. To squeeze it. “Yes” she said. “You’ll tell me?” “Yes…” Soft, breathless, desire already in her voice. He squeezed her nipple so hard that she gasped, pulled away- but only a little. He didn’t let go. Not just yet. God, he was hard feeling her next to him. He was wearing too many clothes as well, but not much longer. She moaned slightly. He knew she liked everything. The pain mixed with the pleasure. The struggle for power. With one hand still wrapped around her and pulling him next to him, he moved it to her ass. Played. Explored. The other hand grabbed her pussy to see just how wet she really was. Plenty.

Their was music playing, People scattered about the room. Evilious and Spitfire were dancing. Padme was begging Lestat for a spanking. It looked like he would agree. Juno was moving through the room, but she kept looking back towards them. Suze was quietly watching them from the bed, gently running her hand across her breasts. Karl moved his hands and pushed Devil to her knees. She didn’t resist. His hand staying on her shoulder to make sure that she maintained her balance with her hands behind her. He wore his leather kilt, and a black shirt.

She looked so hot kneeling there in front of him with her hands tied behind her. Looking up at him, the robe open, but still on. It was off the shoulders. Yes, he’d have her and soon. He pulled off his shirt, and dropped it on the floor next to her. As he went to remove his kilt, he felt the belt on the kilt. She’s struggled with the spanking earlier. Fought like the demon she was, but never cried out. He stepped out of the kilt, but pulled the belt out. He’d spank her in a minute, but she was in such a perfect position. He grabbed the back of her hair and held her head back. Then he shoved his cock in her mouth. It was a perfect play of him controlling her, but her having just enough control to give him what he wanted. And she did. Sucking him deep to the back of her throat. There was no doubt that she enjoyed this as much as she enjoyed what he saw with her and Spitfire.

After a few minutes, other thoughts were in his mind, despite the pleasure that she was giving him. She was near the bed so he simply pushed her towards it. When she landed sideways leaning against it, he roughly rolled her over so that she was face down. She couldn’t fight much in this position- not with her hands behind her back. He used his foot to spread her legs apart. He grabbed the belt, and hit her with it. Once to see her reaction. “Too much?” She had gasped and tried to move away, but she didn’t say anything. He hit her again with the belt- 2 more times. With the third strike she cried out, but her body was reacting as well. It was enough. He knew that it hurt. Even the first blow, but she refused to give in then.

He reached down and undid the tie holding her hands. Let it fall to the floor. She collapsed face down on the bed with her legs hanging off. He pulled her onto the bed. Her hair was down her back, long and blond. He pulled her head up by her head, “Tell me what you want now.” With his other hand, he reached between her legs. He was rough, but that wasn’t his concern. She was his, but she had to tell him now what she wanted. She was so wet, but he knew that before he ever touched her. Her whole body had told him. “Tell me!” An order. He let her go. He didn’t touch her at all, but was standing close. She moved her body so that her legs were touching his, reached her hand back towards him, and started to roll over. “I want you to fuck me. Your way.” He pushed her back down on the bed. Her hair was in her face, but he left his hand on her shoulder blades so she couldn’t lift up and fix it.

He straddled her with his legs, shoving hers together. When he slammed into her, he left his hand on her back, and leaned forward. He went deep. He heard the deep intact of her breath, somewhere near a gasp and a cry. He wanted to leave her raw. He would, too. She was ready. It didn’t take long before she exploded. Something that he loved to see, loved to feel.

He wondered just how much she could handle. He couldn’t take much more either. He started to play with her ass. She moved backward towards his hand. He looked at Suze, who was still on the bed next to them. She got up and silently got him some lube. He pulled out. Devil whimpered, “No. Please no…” He was quick, before he took her again. Hard. She arched, and he let her. This was worth the trouble she was.

When he was finished, they collapsed on the bed together. Devil said, “I thought I heard someone calling your name, but I didn’t care… I hope they took your clothes. I like you without them.”

The party continued…